Volunteer work in Srilanka

How wonderful volunteer work is!

First of all, I’m a retiree and the one who used to enjoy traveling after retirement. But recently I got to feel something missing in my life. Because I have nothing that makes me busy. Traveling is no longer enough. So I needed something that makes me excited. Thus I applied for a volunteers association in Japan who supports retirees to do volunteer work in developing countries. I will be dispatched to Sri Lanka late this month. What I’m supposed to do is to give advice on mechatronics which is combined engineering technology of mechanics and electronics.

Two wonderful things from volunteering abroad

This volunteer work brings two wonderful things to me. One is that I can enjoy my second life abroad. And the other is that I can share my knowledge and experiences to help local people. Also speaking English makes me feel something special. Because in Japan I don’t have a chance to speak English even though I’ve been learning it for years. That’s wonderful. So I would definitely say volunteer work presents me very special gifts.

Volunteer work should be voluntary

It’s not assignment which is instructed by our boss, but we do it voluntarily. So we could choose our job considering what we could do as a volunteer. It’s very important that we realize a sense of contribution. Don’t need to rush. Think about what local people lack and propose what you can do as a volunteer. It’s a way to succeed.